July 2010 - Spinnings from Yorkshire

I spent an indulgent 2 days up in Yorkshire this week, on a spinning course with Ruth, from Wingham Wool Work.
Have come back buzzing with ideas and new skills that I want to practice and master before they slip out of the holey sponge that used to be my brain.
I'm on a serious mission to start spinning crazy yarns though. I know lots of new spinners aim for super-fine, super-even yarn and then complain that they can't make themselves spin bulky, lumpy stuff anymore. It'd be lovely to have the choice, so I'll try to practice both…(famous last words; hey, I live in optimistic hope!)
Anyway, here's my output from the course.

Oh, and a quick message for those of you waiting for more Knitting Smock stock: I'll bring some new ones with me to Knit Nation in London at the end of the month!

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