09 Layercake Tail Smock

The most dramatic addition to the collection, the Tail Smock takes its inspiration from the classic gentleman's Morning Coat and turns it into a stunning Layercake. We know one of our ideas is a good 'un if we immediately get greedy and want to keep the first samples!

They look fabulous over our Knitting Smocks and Dyeing Tabards but may also be perfect to team with that dress or tunic you already have at home.

The impact of a Tail Smock on an outfit is dramatic. It looks chic, unique and stunning yet is as practical and easy to wear as all Layercake pieces.

We have started these off in a limited number of colours only. If there is a specific colour you would like please let us know and we'll see what we can do.

They come in the same sizes as the Knitting Smock.

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