About Us

"purveyor of luxury yarns and knitting tools"
I love the way that sounds...it harks back to a time that life was slower. I wouldn't want time to turn back, I just love that we now have the choice as to when we want to live fast and when we want to slow down. Hand-knitting is just that; a scintillating bite of ZEN, a small calm or calming oasis in the daily bustle that is early 21st century living in our fast-changing world.

Our love for "slow" extends to the way we approach our garment brand called Layercake. All our garments are made of high quality fabrics and constructed in a way that is aimed to last for years of good service. We believe in craftsmanship, experience, tradition and the immeasurable value of a well-trained eye when it comes to styling in colours and shapes. Layercake garments aim to make the wearer feel good, about who they are, what they do and how they look. When you feel good, you look good. You radiate it and the people around you pick up on this. Layercake pieces are functional and stylish, practical and sophisticated, timeless and edgy. They truly embody our company ethos: every ⚙ body ⚙ happy

Since January 2014, Tall Yarns operates from a multi-functional work-space in the village I've called home for the past 15 years, Grayshott. Customers don't exclusively have to rely on the shows we attend when they want to come squish yarns or create their next Layercake outfit. Grayshott is a small village, so the main focus remains with online and show sales, but it's lovely to have the opportunity to connect face to face with our most enthusiastic clients.

We continue to develop our brand of hand-knitting yarns called Soliloquy and offer a growing selection of knitting patterns for garments and accessories that perfectly complement Layercake. We also offer a comprehensive selection of needles and other kniting tools.

So when you find yourself in the vicinity of Grayshott, feel free to give us a call to drop in for a cuppa, a chat and a fondle of some strands; to continue to give attention to both the website and the shows, we open the Studio by appointment, so always give us a buzz first to ensure we're here!

Phone number: 01428 288010

Address: Crossways Road (across from the free car park!), Grayshott, Surrey GU26 6HG