HiyaHiya Interchangeable Needle Case

by: Tall Yarns

You won't find HiyaHiya interchangeable needles at Tall Yarns. This may change in the future.
Yet at some point I bought some of their bags, realising that they are just as suitable for other interchangeable needle brands. This case is lovely and compact and good quality (I've been using one for the past year and it still looks like new). The 10 slots for tips are made with 2 fabric envelopes stitched together, which results in a 3in "slot" in the front and a 4in "slot" directly behind it, so the case is well suited for tips of various lengths (i.e. your 4in tips won't "drown"!). Then there are also two additional pockets that both close with a zip, one on the inside of the cover flap measuring 15 x 8.5cm/6x3.5in, the other on the back of the case measuring 15cm/6in square.

The case itself is 18cm/7in square when closed. The main flap closes with a loop and tie, both pockets close with zips.

Collections: Hiyahiya, Oddments

Category: Needles, Needlescase, Other

Type: Notions

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