Knit-Pro Stitch Markers - ring or locking

Knit-Pro stitch markers, available in 2 versions:

Simple ring stitch markers. Slip a marker onto your needle to mark a specific point in a row or round. Slip from left to right needle when you get to it while knitting. Pack contains 40 markers: 15 for knitting needles up to 6mm (US size 4), 15 for needles up to 10mm (US size 15), and 10 for needles up to 16.5mm (US size 19)

These can be used like the ring markers (i.e. hanging them from a needle in between stitches) or you can clip them on to your yarn; you won't run the risk of pulling a stitch through it and knitting it into your work as you can always un-clip them. Great for k track of stitch decreases and increases, the beginnings of charts and joins of rounds. Also useful for pinning sections of knitting together before trying on or sewing up, as an alternative to pins. 30 in a pack.

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