Layercake Weaver's Apron

NOTE: the jumper Bev is wearing with the Denim Linen Apron is the Enchanted Mesa, a Stephen West design. More information about the jumper and kits we sell in this and other colourways, look HERE.

The Weaver's Apron is the successor to our recently retired Spinning Pinnie. The Weaver's Apron has been extremely well received at the Spring shows and the feedback we have had so far tells us that the changes we made to the Spinning Pinnie have all been very well received. At first glance and when seen from the front, the similarities are obvious. A bib front with buttons, flaring side splits and very big low pockets.
On closer inspection though the differences are noticeable: the shoulder tabs have 3 positions now (the buttons can still be taken off the ribbons as before) and the draw-strings have been replaced with permanent pleats. The biggest difference though is the back, which has been replaced with a swooping and extremely flattering waist-line and cross-over straps.
The Weaver's Apron will be made out of a different range of fabrics than the Smocks and Tabards. The shaping works best with heavier fabrics and that is exactly what the first wave of fabrics are. It will take a little time to build up a varied collection, as they are currently selling as fast as we manage to make them, but there are more to come and we are looking at exciting fabric options for the Autumn/Winter already.

As used to be the case with all of our fabrics, the fabrics for the new Apron's will always be limited editions; once they're gone, they're gone. HOWEVER: if a certain fabric/size shows as out of stock but the website allows you to place an order for it, it means we DO have more fabric, the garment just needs to be made for you, so if you place an order for an out of stock item, please allow 7-10 days for delivery.

Their sizing is the same as our Smocks and Tabards (0, 1, 2 and 3) so if you know your Smock/Tabard size then choose the corresponding Apron size. However, the Apron shape is more open around the bust, so there is some more flexibility if you prefer to wear it more or less fitted.
See the most important guides in the grid below.


UK dress size

recommended bust
High Hip (measured 10 cm / 4 in
below belly button)
Total length
0 8 - 12 95 cm / 38 in 104 cm / 41 in 105-110 cm / 41-43 in
1 12 - 18 109 cm / 43 in 112 cm / 44 in 112-117 cm / 44-46 in
2 16 - 22 122 cm / 48 in 124 cm / 49 in 118-123 cm / 46.5-48.5 in
3 20 - 26 138 cm / 54 in 138 cm / 55 in 118-123 cm / 46.5-48.5 in

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