Lilly Brush

by: Tall Yarns

New to the UK, directly from the USA!
After a rave review from Clara Parkes, I knew she had found something I was very keen to own. I desperately needed a gentle, effective tool for removing pills from my favourite, natural fibre, garments. And I know you do too! I recognise the usefulness of fabric shavers for knits that contain nylon or other man-made fibres for strength, but I never have had the confidence to press something containing fast turning blades up against my cashmere, fine alpaca and such. I resorted to picking off pills one by one, but in some cases that takes a very…..long….time….
Until now: enter Lilly Brush – First Aid for your natural fibre knits.
Highly recommended!

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Category: Charcoal, Lilly brush, Notions, Other, Red

Type: Notions

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