Moeke Heritage

by: Tall Yarns

The Heritage yarn is a mix of wools, one that brings softness and one that brings durability: Romanian merino is soft  and squishy. It is mixed with naturally brown Tigaie wool to create two shades, Industrial 1 and 2.

Please note that the weight of the skeins is not identical. The machines of the fiber mill are not modern enough to produce consistent weights. Instead, it is the spinner that knows from experience how much wool has to be processed in every batch in order to get "more or less" the same weight skeins. In addition, after washing, the skeins will loose again in weight and this is again not equal between skeins. As skeins are drying (and they do that even on the shelf), they will become lighter.
The skeins are weighed AFTER having been washed and dried in the sun. Skeins are then assigned to weight categories by following the + / - 5 gr rule: for example, between 46 to 55 we consider to be 50 gr, between 56 to 65 gr we consider to be 60 gr, etc. This is the best compromise in order to respect the technological limitations of the traditional fiber mills and as well as providing some standardization to help with planning your project. 
The recommended needle size is 3-4 mm. The construction of the yarn is a single ply. By using a lower size needle, you will achieve a sturdier, more durable fabric.
Length: 100 gr is around  350 m (fiber mill Baicoi). The Heritage skeins currently in stock are 70 gr, so they each have a running length of approx. 245 m.
Hand wash and dry flat.
The group shot with the 3 differently coloured skeins shows the different colours of the yarns in stock. From left to right: Elena, Heritage Industrial 2, Heritage Industrial 1.
THe picture of the WIP is to illustrate how both shades of Heritage Inductrial work when used alongside a cream coloured undyed yarn (Moeke Merino, stock expected Autumn 2017).

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