Layercake Loves: Petticoats by Bohemia - Long

by: Tall Yarns

PLEASE NOTE: once we have sold the remaining stock of petticoats, we do not plan to re-stock them. So don't hold out for new seasonal colours, once they're gone, they're gone!

Bohemia Petticoats come in 4 sizes and 2 lengths. They are ideal for layering but can also be worn by themselves.
Our all-time-favourite look is to wear a short one over a long one, like the outfit on the right in the picture.
The outfit on the left shows a short petticoat over a pair of Tall Yarns Hi-Lo Bloomers.

The petticoats have no volume at all around your hips; all the fabric is around the bottom, which makes them fabulously swingy; we dare you not to "swish" the moment you put one on!

Size Waist relaxed
Fully Stretched


0 (small) 66/26 124/49 58/23 70/27.5 91/36
1 (medium) 70/27.5 130/51 60/24 74/29 94/37
2 (large) 76/30 140/55 63/25 76/30 96/38
3 (Xlarge) 80/31.5 150/59 65/26 79/31 99/39

As with our Knitting Smocks, these come with a warning: One is not enough! Before you know it, none of your favourite outfits seem complete anymore without one of our petticoats.

Don't say we didn't warn you...

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