Layercake Loves: Shawl pin - Tiny Twig Lace Stick by Jul

by: Tall Yarns

Founded over 7 years ago, JUL works with artisans in the United States and Fair Trade in Indonesia to develop exciting and innovative handmade accessories. Their nature inspired shawl pins are irresistible and unique and a perfect complement to your fine hand-knit projects.

The Tiny Twig Shawl Stick is very light and won't weigh down your fine lace projects. It is made out of white brass, which looks like silver. It measures 14 cm (5 1/4 inch), the first 8 cm (3 in) is the stick itself, the rest is the decorative twig end.

Just like the Bohemia petticoats we sell, when we encounter garments or accessories that fit perfectly with our Layercake look, we may decide to add them to the collection, either temporarily or more permanently. Since there is more than one Layercake endorsed product, Layercake Loves now has its own category within the Layercake line-up on the website.

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