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We are Tall Yarns, purveyors of lush yarns, knitting and crochet tools, patterns, books
and a growing collection of unusual garments, commonly referred to as Knitting Smocks.
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July 2014 - New website in the making...

September 20, 2014

An apology and a quick explanation… Especially for those of you who are starting to perceive a widening gap between the selection of products on the stand at shows (and in the shop) and what you can find back on the website. The website is not receiving much TLC at the moment as we are working very hard on a new site. As seems so often to be the case with projects like this, our ambition to launch the new site outstrips our ability to meet the deadlines to finish the new site (as a result of the business doing very well, thanks to you all!). I am struggling to spread myself ever thinner in my attempts to keep all... Continue Reading →


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