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Linda's Voice

The Slow Wardrobe

December 08, 2017

Over time, Tall Yarns grew into a tale of two halves. On the one side there is lots of make your own: our yarns Soliloquy and Trinity Twist and patterns, complemented by a selection of our favourite needles, materials and tools. On the other side, this growing collection of ready-made: Layercake, a customer-led, back-door entry into the garment industry (I am deliberately avoiding the word "fashion", because I do not support what that stands for). So yes, we do sell knitting patterns, but we don't sell sewing patterns. And now there are darning and embroidery yarns, to repair knitted garments as well as repair and embellish Layercake garments. Making you look at a bought Layercake garment not just as the... Continue Reading →


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