Here at Tall Yarns we love smocks, and our very own label, Layercake, is a growing collection of favourite knit-wear and smocks (garments we wear when we're knitting). It was created in response to Tall Yarns customers wanting to buy the smocks we were wearing on the stand at the shows we exhibit at. The first Knitting Smocks were introduced in 2010. Since then, we keep adding more styles to the collection, often following requests from cstomers. Unlike other clothes brands, Layercake doesn't chase fashion trends. We aspire to put a smile on the face of every customer who chooses to try on a Layercake garment. To feel that Layercake makes her feel great, makes her feel like comfortable and at ease.
We have recently started highlighting other products and brands that we feel perfectly complement the Layercake philosophy. They can be recognised by the "Layercake Loves" stamp of approval.

"Do you sell pattern of your smocks?"
We are often asked if we sell patterns for our smocks. We have considered this at length and this is our answer:
The reason our dresses are both effective and flattering is because we put a lot of thought and consideration into the combination of their shape and the specific fabrics we choose to make them in. We see so many examples of garments (both home-made as well as store-bought) that in our opinion are made using a bad combination of pattern, fabric and fit. We don't want the same fate to befall our designs. So by making them ourselves, we control both pattern and fabric and by selling them ourselves we have a big hand in guiding our customers towards a good fit. However difficult we find it to decline the requests (because we understand the motivation behind them!), we will not change this approach.